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2017 Program Descriptions

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31st Annual Conference
June 6th, 2017
“Libraries Evolving in the Digital Age”

 8:00-9:00 am: Registration
 9:00-9:15 am: Welcome
 9:15-10:00 am: Keynote Speaker: Charles Salzberg

Morning Sessions: 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

A. Authors Panel: Two Truths and a Lie – Charlotte Bennardo, Alison Ashley Formento, Darlene Beck Jacobson, and Nancy Viau. Juvenile book authors will state truths or falsehoods about a particular title, their writing process, or the writing business. The audience will determine which two statements are true and which one is a lie. The authors will also speak about programs they offer, and how their books contribute to programming already in place.

B. Empowerment to be Your Best Self – Deborah Blackwell, Ocean County Library. This interactive workshop will help participants discover their “Social Style,” determined by a combination of two dimensions—Assertiveness and Responsiveness. While no individual displays one Style exclusively, identifying primary behavioral patterns allow you to define a person’s Style. Once you know a person’s Style, you can structure your behavior to help ensure a more productive and satisfying interpersonal relationship.

C. Serving Patrons with Special Needs: Focus on American Sign Language and Autism – Rebecca Crawford and Zoe Vybiral-Bauske, Somerset County Library. This presentation will present some simple and concrete strategies to make your library inclusive for people with autism and members of the deaf community. You do not have to be an expert to make people feel welcome.

D. Canva: Making Posters and Digital Content for the Library – Lisa Alderfer, Cape May County Library. Canva is a web-based interface that allows users to create designs and documents by using a drop-and-drag feature and premade layouts. Users can design presentations, flyers, and social media graphics with just a few clicks. Canva has available images, photo filters, icons and shapes, and hundreds fonts at a user’s disposal. Learn how to create an account and start creating content in this hands on class.

E. Understanding the Drug Epidemic Plaguing Our Communities – Rory Wells, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. The presentation will address the current drug epidemic in our communities (opiates, marijuana, etc.), and include observations from the perspective of people in public service positions, as well as thoughts on moving forward.

F. Getting Techie: Tips and Tricks to Mobile Devices – Hannah M. Sweetser, West Caldwell Public Library. Learn how to answer some of the most common questions patrons ask about their mobile devices in this all-access seminar.

G. Lighting the Fire! Finding Motivation and Improving Morale in Your Workplace – Nancy Voitko, Ocean County Library. This training will assist participants in creating vibrant work environment. This workshop is especially helpful if you wish to be a supervisor or manager. If you ask yourself “How can I make a difference in morale at my branch?,” this workshop will provide the tools to motivate yourself and others, and create a positive environment. We will explore and brainstorm such topics as: what motivates us, how we can deal with and change a negative attitude, as well as offer actual tools to build a more fulfilling and positive work environment

H. Helping Patrons with Technology – Michelle Bingnear and Jeffrey Trout, Cape May County Library. Our patrons come to us with questions: Where is this book? Do I owe any fines? We are trained to handle those questions. When they come to us holding their iPad or smartphones, however, we get nervous. How do we answer questions about technology? This workshop will teach the basics of how to help with any device, and what to do when you do not have the answer. We will talk about precautions to take, and how to make the patron comfortable as well.
Lunch: 12:15 pm -1:30 pm

 NJALA General Meeting: 1:30- 2:00 pm

Afternoon Sessions: 2:15- 3:45 pm

I. Microaggressions in the Workplace – Carol Nurse and Darren Sweeper, Montclair State University. “Microaggressions,”small acts of non-physical aggression based on bias and stereotypes, are the negative assumptions we make about people that limit their humanity and value. As progressive as many workplaces are, we might be surprised that our everyday interactions are filled with microaggressions that undermine our self-worth and productivity. This presentation will give some examples of typical microagressions involving race, gender, or ethnicity, and discuss why these actions are not only personally insulting, but may interfere with workplace productivity.

J. Using Picture Books to Encourage Children’s Interest in STEM – Laurie Wallmark, Raritan Valley Community College. In our increasingly technological world, it is important for children to be familiar with STEM. Barriers to learning about these subjects include: inadequate access, prejudicial expectations, and lack of interest. STEM-related picture books can help children overcome these obstacles.

K. Helping Patrons Publish Online: An Introduction for Library Workers – Heather Kristian, Rowan University. Does your library run a writing group for patrons? Do you work the desk and have patrons ask for help in publishing their work? Maybe you write yourself and are looking for places to publish. This workshop will explore different possibilities for publishing online, and include tips to locate places to submit and a review of the submission process.

L. The Teen Brain: Providing Quality Customer Service to Our Teen Patrons – Pham Condello, Old Bridge Public Library. The library serves everyone, but that does not mean that we are all instantly comfortable with everyone. We may respond to teens based on unconscious prejudice or assumptions about their behavior and needs. Understanding and appreciating the way teens think can help us provide a welcoming atmosphere and set healthy boundaries with patrons in this unique developmental stage.

M. Social Media and How to use it to Promote the Library – Lisa Alderfer, Cape May County Library. Social media has become a standard form of communication; it is how people share moments, news, and events. Businesses and organization use it to communicate with customers, patrons, and fans. Social media marketing can be fun and interactive. Learn how to implement best practices for using social media platforms to promote the library.

N. Book Talking and Hand Selling: What it is and how to do it – Givane Hayes, Ocean County Library. Do you know what to do when a customer asks for a recommendation? Outreach? This training will teach the difference between book talking and hand selling, and when to use each. Please come prepared to talk about a book you enjoyed.

O. Declutter, Destress and Get Things Done – Jamie Novak, Organizing humorist™. If you procrastinate, have a stack of paperwork, or a two-page to-do list, then this program is for you! Join bestselling author and Organizing Humorist Jamie Novak to learn a few simple organizing tricks for key areas of your desk, home and life. Come for a laugh (or two) and to learn how to easily clear the clutter and store the stuff. No more saying, “Where did I put that?”