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2015 Program Description

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29th Annual Conference
June 9, 2015

8:00-9:00 am: Registration

9:00-9:15 am: Welcome

9:15-10:00 am: Keynote Speaker: Maria Robinson

Program Descriptions

Morning Sessions: 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

A. Sensitivity to Older Adults ~ Sandi Stark. Join in on this fun, experiential training. Gain insight and develop sensitivity for your older library users who are gradually losing their life-long skills and independence.

B. Branding Your Library and How to Promote It ~ Lisa Alderfer. Have you been burdened with the task to make signs for your library? Do you feel overwhelmed with where to begin and or how to effectively communicate with your patrons? This class will teach you some tricks on how to quickly make posters to promote library information and events and how to create identifiable branding. Feel free to bring sample printouts of your library poster for critique and discussion.

C. Forward Motion: Surviving and Thriving in a Dynamic Workplace ~ Maria Robinson. Change happens. Just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean it needs to be feared; just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to be painful. In the midst of changes in the workplace, the dynamics affect everything from how a job is done to how people feel about doing it. Learning to become a FAN of Change~ a Flexible. Adaptable Ndividual~ can have surprising benefits for everyone. When understood in a balanced and informative way, the rewards of change can be welcomed and enlightening.

D. Make Space for a Maker Space: Why libraries should be investing resources and space to the Maker Space movement. ~ Jeff Trout. In this fast-growing and ever-changing world, libraries are still trying to adapt. A makerspace and the technology help that it inevitably brings with it are essential to that adaptation. From guiding patrons in the use of eReaders to robotics, sewing, coding, and so much more, your library can become a center for creativity and a hub for this groundbreaking learning experience.

E. Introduction to the Principles of Reference and Readers Advisory~ Meredith Hoyer. This class offers an introduction to the basic principles that guide the reference provider when working with patrons of all ages. The presentation is geared toward library staff who are interested in becoming reference providers and serves as a refresher for those who already work the reference desk. The topics covered will include: Learning the difference between a basic reference question, advanced reference question and a research question; The Reference Interview; Reader’s Advisory; Do’s and Don’ts; When no one is in front of you: Passive customer service at the reference desk.

F. Tips, Tricks & Tools: Readers for Kids, Teens & their Grown-Ups ~ Laura Frantz and Linda Tripp. Linda and Laura will share their resources and strategies for navigating the challenging world of readers advisory for kids, teens, and their grown-ups. We’ll tackle some of the most daunting inquiries from “I’ve read everything in the library” to “Is this book OK for my child.” And we’ll also share some of our favorite go-to books, series, and authors.

G. Off the Record Communications ~ Arnold D. Herman. Staff will glean unique techniques for building relationships of mutual respect between teens and adults.

Lunch: 12:15 pm -1:30 pm

NJALA General Meeting: 1:30- 2:00 pm

Afternoon Sessions: 2:15- 3:45 pm

H. Book Buzz ~ Brian Nielson. Penguin Random House will buzz about forthcoming books and give readers the inside scoop on spring and summer 2015 titles.

I. Technology for Today ~ Lisa Alderfer. Get to know the Windows 8.1 Operating System, Office 365, and get a preview of Windows 10 before it is released.

J. Detecting & Protecting Your Digital Footprint at Work, Home, & On the Road_ Identity Theft & You ~Robert Lackie. This session will help you analyze ID safety issues/safeguards and connect to notable online identity and privacy sites, tools, and resources-all so that you can learn how to detect and protect your digital footprint.

K. Thinking Openly: Open Source for Libraries ~ Amy Kearns. Learn about what open source software is and why it’s important to libraries. Find out what it can do for you and hear about real-life examples of open source software use and ways to use it in your personal life.

L. Dress For Success ~ Dr. Zarita F. Mattox. Making a first professional impression will set the tone for all business interactions. In this professional development workshop we will explore how appearing professional adds to our being professional as well as projecting professionalism all in the way we dress and carry ourselves. Projecting professionalism on the outside is not where it ends. When we dress for success we feel the success and it becomes apparent in all that we do. Be your best inside and out! Come and learn all that Dr. Mattox has to share to help us project a professional image each and every day!

M. Anime ~ Marissa Lieberman. Are you curious about why teens are so interested in Japanese Anime (cartoons) and manga (comics)? This presentation will cover the basics of anime and manga, and will provide tips for creating engaging anime-themed programs that will attract teens to your library.

N. Enriching our Lives by Exchanging Stories ~ Eva Feeley. Scores of patrons who participate in memoir-writing workshops are overwhelmed by what they learn from their own stories and the stories of others. The most heart-warming surprise is that nobody learns more than the instructor.

Throughout the day there will be a chair masseuse in the lobby area. Be sure to sign up for your 5 minute session!