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2016 Program Descriptin

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30th Annual Conference Program Description

 June 7, 2016

“Let’s Take it to the Next Level…Together”

Morning Sessions: 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

A.  “Library Safety and Security: Practical Tips to Improve Workplace Safety without Turning into Fort Knox” ~ Rita Oakes- Ocean County Library.  Through anecdotes, discussion, and role play the speaker will share tips for de-escalating difficult encounters enforcing library codes of conduct and managing crisis.

B. “The Civil Service Commission- What a Library Assistant Should Know!” ~ (computer lab) Rita Johnson-Harvey- Division of Agency Services.  This is an interactive workshop in which participants will learn how to apply for promotional opportunities; the purpose and function of desk audits; where to locate training opportunities; and where to locate job postings for Civil Service positions within a municipality, county and/or the state.

C. “Lighting the Fire! Finding Motivation and Improving Morale in Your Workplace” ~ Nancy Voitko and Susan Busardo- Ocean County Library. Do you want to be a supervisor or manager? Then Let’s Light the Fire! If you ask yourself “How can I make a difference in morale at my branch?” then this workshop will provide the tools to motivate yourself, motivate others and create a positive work environment. We will explore and brainstorm such topics as: what motivates us, how we can deal with and change a negative attitude, as well as offer actual ideas to bring back to your branches.

D. “Making Connections: Programs and Services to Engage Diverse Communities” ~ Jill D’Amico -South Brunswick Public Library.  This presentation will show you how to plan and promote library programs and services that resonate with your communities. Local connections and outreach are vital to making your library a welcoming place for all, so learn how to identify the needs of underserved populations, and discover ideas that will provide opportunities for diverse audiences to make connections with the library. Learn information on programming, collections, services and partnerships.

E. “Reference For Library Assistants” ~ Phyllis Meredith- Rowan University. This program will break down the essence of the “reference interview” and help library assistants gain confidence when answering reference questions. We will go over examples of basic “go to” reference tools when working with the library users of all types, including public patrons, academic community users, and those patrons who utilize specialized libraries.

F. “Tech Security for Staff and Patrons” ~ Lisa Alderfer- Cape May County Library. How to work with IT to develop services and best practices that need to be implemented from preventing hacks, viruses, identity theft, and overall network security while maintaining access to information. This applies to staff computers and networks as well as public computers and networks.

G. “Program Planning in Libraries” ~ Carol Nurse- Montclair State University. Discussion on the steps involved in planning programs/events in your library. Topics covered include collaboration with other organizations, site selection, speaker selection, etc. We will discuss how the program planning worked with the “Money Smart Week” program at Montclair State University, Sprague Library.

Lunch: 12:15 pm -1:30 pm

Afternoon Sessions: 2:15- 3:45 pm

H. “Youth Mental Health First Aid, What you can do to Help ~Emma Shelby- Mental Health Association” ~ Learn signs and symptoms of common mental health issues and strategies to assist someone who may be experiencing distress. Learn verbal de-escalation skills to address disruptive behaviors.

I. “Patrons & Technology: Adapting to the 21st Century Library” ~ Jeff Trout-Cape May County Library. From databases to e-books, libraries offer so much content online. When patrons have trouble with electronic devices they use to access the data, they often turn to us. Is your library equipped with the tools and staff that can assist them? This presentation will cover how to assist patrons on a one-on one basis. What tools and training is available for staff and how we can give our patrons the help they deserve.

J. “Future Trends in Libraries”~ Joanne Roukens- LibraryLinkNJ. Discover the newest trends, directions, and innovations that are shaping our world; learn how libraries are transforming to meet the ongoing challenge of helping our customers succeed. We are taking our services, spaces, and communities to the next level … together!

K. “Mentor NJ: Linking Library Staff  Statewide” ~ Mi-Sun Lyu- LibraryLink NJ and Irene Langlois- Maplewood Memorial Library.  Mentor NJ Project is a unique statewide initiative funded by the State Library and LibraryLinkNJ, and it is dedicated to networking among library staff in NJ and celebrating professionalism everywhere.  The Mentor NJ project team will talk about MentorNJ services and their plans for 2016.

L.  “Getting Comfortable with being Uncomfortable: Readers Advisory outside your comfort zone” ~ Givane Hayes- Ocean County Library. This presentation will answer questions of why it’s important for library staff to read outside of their comfort zone from time to time. Attendees will be provided with an introduction to techniques, read-a-likes, and resources that can easily be utilized to discover and recommend new authors and titles to library customers.

M. ”Dewey to Library of Congress: Bridging the Classification Gap for Library Assistants” ~ Heather Kristian- Rowan University Campbell Library.  Comparison of Dewey Decimal (DDC) and Library of Congress (LCC) systems, focusing on library assistants working in Dewey-based environment looking to become familiar with LCC. Also useful to those working with high school students to help them transition to a college library setting.

N. “Signs in Your Library” ~ Lisa Alderfer- Cape May County. Making brochures and flyers for your library? Want more practice making library signs using Microsoft Word or Publisher? Bring some content and a flash drive for this hands on class and instruction session.

Throughout the day there will be a chair masseuse in the lobby area.  Be sure to sign up for your 5 minute session!